War of the guppy Vs Platy

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War of the guppy Vs Platy

by j_bball_rox

My guppy keeps nipping my platy and he seems to dislike it alot and seems to hide in my barrel to get away from him and as soon as he pops out of the barrel the guppy spots him and speeds after him a million miles an hour and the keeps nipping him until he quickly and secretly can just get back to the safety of his barrel is this terrortorial or just plain not getting along? And anymore how can i fix this?

Thanks J

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by a1k8t31524

guppies can get a little agressive towards other fish esp if it ia a male you might try adding a few females it would help him relieve a little of his stress

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by Tmercier834747

Yeah. You'll find that in community tanks if fish don't have more of their own kind to take interest in, especially male fish, they'll sometimes become bored and decide that they need to exert all their attention on harassing the other fish...even as a normally peaceful community fish.

As a beginner I made the mistake of getting one of these, one of those, and a couple of them, when in reality most fish are happiest with at the very least 3 of their own kind and preferably 6 or more.

Corydoras are a great example of this, as you'll see the happiest and healthiest activity out of them when kept with 6 or more of their very own kind. That is peppered corys with peppered corys and panda corys with pandas. A LFS employee told me that the different ''types'' would associate which wasn't really true at all, unfortunately.

I had a peppered cory and a julii. The peppered cory seemed to be the only one taking interest in the other as the julii basically ignored him. It was very infrequent that they they actually ever took interest in each other..

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by yasherkoach

I agree with tmer...

I have red wag & red platies (over 30 fry and about 12 adults)...platies do best in groups of at least 8-10. They will feel much more safe.

also if you keep a lot of guppies, say like 10, they will amuse themselves.

some fish do best in medium size schools (8-10), that way, they get to tease each other. I have tetras and zebra danios (6 tetras and 8 danios), if I only had 1 or 2 tetras or 1 or 2 danios, they would tease the platies.

guppies like danios and tetras tend to like fast moving waters or a lot of aeration...so to appease the platy and the tetra and danio, one half of my tank has fast moving water and the other half has absolutely no aeration or absolute still waters for the platy.

you must understand, platies do their best in quieter waters; they are more slower moving fish, more graceful whereas danios, tetras and your guppies like to whiz around like bats out of hell

so if I were you, get either more platy or more guppies, and you will find, the tail nipping will come to a complete halt

War of the guppy Vs Platy

4 posts

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