hehe ...i am lucky

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hehe ...i am lucky

by saltwaterpimp

i wrote this company about a single strip pc light i had for a few years,i told them a few months, anyway they needed a reciept, i sent it, the guy told me he will send a new one out asap,3 days later no light and no response.i called and bitched,they gave me a sob story on how they lost my order and they would overnight it..i got 2 double strip pc fixtures in the mail today..hehe..they must not have looked at the reciept..oh well...and they never sent my packing slip to return the defective light..

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by fihsboy

HAHA wow. They are fired! They will just write it off. At least you made out! I work at Kohls and we get crazy shit all the time. The other day I had a lady bring back a deep fryer with chicken and oil still in it........Im like mam.......your dinner is still in here.........She said it (quit) on her. haha. w/e we just write it out as damage and capture the dollar. Still......kinda nasty though. At least you made out though!

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by Snowboss4492

anybody know anyone with some ;lighting for sale cheap???????


good job man

hehe ...i am lucky

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