try a Nem?

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try a Nem?

by Snowboss4492

ok that one of my clowns has ended up a costly friggin cat treat, i'm down to 2 small true percs and a large hermit along with a few snails and small algae hermits for a cleaner crew...................i'd really like to try an Anemone but can't really find an easy to keep species that is compatable with the Percs...............are those charts nats ass accurate? or are they more for suggestions on which nems are for which clowns

will a cheap old bubble tip be ok for them or do i need to dump 50-75 bucks ofr a blanket nem- - - - also i've read nightmare stories of an anemone dieing and killing the whole this a factor to consider??????


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by fihsboy

I have heard the horror stories too. I bought an anenome for 7 bucks and after thinking about it and reading everything I took him off to the ocean to let him go and be free. When they die......the dissolve into the water........shooting your nitrates to ridicilous levels. Even if they get stressed or get stuck in a power head. They do move a lot.....I got rid of mine due to the horror stories. But im sure people have sucess.......or they wouldnt be for sale still. Of course thats kinda like a Flame scallop.......they are found in high nutrient coastal waters........and people are trying to keep them in reef tanks. That contradicts its self right there. Flame scallops need tons of nutrients.....and reefs hate something is going to clash there. I think you would be okay...........but there is always that risk.

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by tangerine

i'm notabsolutely sure on this but mainly from my and a reefer friends experience,you can try a BTA. put it at a liverock where there is a hole/gap where it can slip it's pedal into. also,ensure the rock is isolated.. meaning none of it's side touches the glass panels and other liverocks with a sand bed in between.

supposedly the BTA don't like sand so even if it moves it will always remain on that piece of rock. for BTA,again from experience,they are more forgiving in both flows and lighting. moderate and lightings supplemented by small pieces of prawn meat once or twice a week will keep it happy.

here's a pic of amy friend's bta with a false percula hosting in it and anode one which have magnificent bubble tips which have not budge at all since introduction,several months ago. ... tered1.jpg ... edcopy.jpg

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by singapore

yeah bubbles are good with percs, and alot of people have luck with long tentacles andd percs. but the only problem with these clowns is that they take AGES to bond with an anenome. other types will bond rite away, but it can take percs anywhere form 2 weeks to 2 years.

the anenome they bond to the fastest is the carpet anenome...but they are ridiculously picky about water and lighting.

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by bertie411

i bought a purple tip bubble for my percs....will not even look at it, they host my large toadstool instead! bast*rds! lol
seen many pictures of carpet anemones eating up fish, a good healthy one will deliver a nasty shock/sting too

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by snowboss

lol....i think all clowns are cool....but the Percs seem to be in a class of their own eh?

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by gumbii

my tank now has three green bubble tips... they move around the first day, but then just keep feeding them and they stay put... trust me... my pair of maroons love them...

i'm looking for a couple of rose nems... so my nem count will be at 6 or more soon...

try a Nem?

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