Fish moving plants

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Fish moving plants

by jesskam22

Is it my imagination or are my fish moving my plants. I will put them in one spot...put them DEEP into the rock and not a day goes by and the plants are in totally different places. Are my fish psycho rearrangers or am i the psycho one? thanks for everyones help on all my questions by the way.

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by adamcore

lol...I have no idea but thats some real funny shit if they are actually moving your stuff plants around. They are trying to make you go crazy

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by dizzcat

I find mine floating at the top of the tank some days :-) Never actually moved them, just uprooted them.

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by doomydarkdoom

They probably move them around for fun. I know crawfish are notorious for rearranging decor, so if you have anything like that, that might be the cause. Other than that... maybe you should train them to do it on command and make some money off them.

Or maybe they're trying to communicate with you.

Fish moving plants

4 posts

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