so pi#@ed off

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by newbie916

That really sucks. If it makes you feel better my freaking bubble tip attacked my colony of Xenia's through the backside of my rock structure and killed two of the three. That's why I've been feeding the bitch soo much so he'll leave my corals alone. That same week I thought one of my Crocea clams I dropped $90 on was going to die cuz he was closed for two weeks. Until I noticed my bi color blenny was attacking him, when ever he tried to open. I pulled him off the rock and put him with the other three clams in the sand and now he's all good. Anyways, I definitely understand your loss.

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by singapore

yeah the rule i usually follow is that if something eats or kills something else in the tank...i usually sell the mean thing. but my girl loves that stupid arrow crab. and if i got rid of it id have to deal with the whining...

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by Snowboss4492

"um, honey, i came home today and the sweet lil arrow crab so sorry, let me take you to diner and then we'll go pick out a new pretty shrimp or something together"


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by dick_headers

Quote:"....Hey fish guy, what sort of shop u running here, got this shrimp home and relised it had no GOD DAMN HEAD. give me my money back" ...
I don't really know why but I'd start the conversation like : Do you know who Tony Montana is, do you, you little prick you?
Good post, good laugh here, good times.

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by kei9th

a shrimp with no head? thats worse than the guys from dumb and dumber selling their dead bird petey to the blind kid

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by jude

haha.....jumping in here
I had an experience like that......
I had just bought a good sized goby.....put him in the tank....
He was only there 10 minutes and out of no where comes my
Niger Trigger and snatches him up in the middle of his body....
I'm standing at my tank yelling "LET HIM GO.....LET HIM GO"
Finally I got my cleaner stick and tapped the trigger to get him to let go
He did and the goby was alive.....but passed through on in the night.
I had paid $25 for him.....I liked to died right there.
Well, now my tank has no goby and no trigger.

I'm sorry that happened to you....but I'm glad to know these things don't happen to me only.
Thanks......I'm learning from my mistakes!

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by puffedupseagull

Man I am the funniest fellow, damn im funny
Hey blue shoes. Try a new thermometer that one might be F'ed. And whats wrong with the term mucken with you, haven't you heard that one.

so pi#@ed off

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