Web SIte Interface And surfing

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Web SIte Interface And surfing

by GreenMandarin6731

I'm actually looking to contact the web masters here at ratemyfishtank.com...
I dunno about you guys, but i sometimes come on and just start VOting on tanks because I like to and also like to find new way to use on future or present tanks i own and will probably own in the future, anyway i noticed the site doesnt like to remember where your at in terms of page location especially when I vote on a tank i like and want to comment on it after i clicked the aquarium, go back to orignal voting screen, click the email to send adding comment and go back again, always comes up with page interrupted and not succesful at emailing that person because of lost page location coming up a blank screen with Page interrupted message... it has to be a follow through for it to besuccesful and no BACKing which kinda sux... Anyway webmasters can fix this or anyway for me to email them?

This here is the cropped CapScrn of this error message:

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by ChristinaBug2890

Usually when I see a tank I want to comment I'll right click and "open in new window" or "new tab"... I'll keep the voting going on in the same window and open any other things in a new one... seems easier.

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by Tmercier834747

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by a1k8t31524

because the pages that each tank is on are chosen at random once you navigate away from that page you can not go back so that you can not vot on the same tank over and over again

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by dizzcat

When you get the warning page has expired, just push the refresh button and it should reload.

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by gumbii

it's your connection... i've never seen that happen to me before...

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by Mike0372983

same, I have ever seen anything like this

Web SIte Interface And surfing

7 posts

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