Clown Fish

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Clown Fish

by kdrzb235

I have two large Clarkii Clowns. I know that when you purchase them smaller that one will become the female and the other will stay the male, but if they are both females can one revert back to being a male or am I stuck with two females? My other questiion is if they are both females would it be possible to have one male mate with both of them?

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Re: Clown Fish

by ci11337

Thats an interesting question that i never really considered before. I suppose the dominate one will become female assuming that neither was in a pair before than niether has likely developed a sex. As for your second question no, they'd fight to the death.

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by frozenapple22

yes clownfish can change sex if they start twitching and fighting it's ok they are trying to sdeside who is the male and female.

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by tangerine

once they have determine who the dominant female is.....u will be amaze as the difference in sizes later on.:P

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Re: Clown Fish

by boggs32

the low down on clowns:

They are born sexless. The larger one in a pair is actually the female. If the female is significantly larger than another female, there is a chance the smaller ones sex could change back to male. If they are both female they will eventually fight for a similar territory in your tank, one will lose and die.

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by amkelly

the larger clown will be the female clown and the smaller one will be the male. once the clown has turned to a female it cannot turn back into a male, only from male to female if your female were to die, then the next biggest male would become the female.

Clown Fish

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