Coraline Algea Purple

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Coraline Algea Purple

by puffedupseagull

Whats the best thing to help grow coraline algea.
is purple up good

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by dick_headers

Good alkalinity/calcium combined with acceptable magnesium levels, + time and patience the most successful way to coralline algae growth.
Purple up will boost your Ca levels a bit, but that's about it. It is good for short term, but not on the long way run. When you combine purple up and some alkalinity buffer, the purple up will loose it's "miracle".
It is my own experience.

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by fihsboy

I used purple up as works.......but not as well as dosing your tank every day. Dosing religiously is the best thing in the world for your tank.

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by saltwaterpimp

here is my opinion on chems,
if you cant test for it dont add it,outside of small amount of phyto and trace a lightly stocked tank and perfect ca/alk/mag coraline will cake every thing in time.

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by schigara

For the price...Purple Up sucks hairy cock.

Dick Headers has got it right on the money.

There are some clean up crew that clean up more than crap though. Mexican red-legged hermits love to eat coralline algae. They are C. Diguetti.

Coraline Algea Purple

5 posts

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