change things around

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change things around

by bluestarmickey

I have 55 gallon tank with 12 fish, I want to put new things in and change it around a bit. would the fish get stressed if i do that. im kinda bored with the look of it...

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by dizzcat

They will be fine :-) I tend to change all my tanks around once a month or so :-D The fish spend hours exploring the new setup after I do.

have fun!

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by seankh

yea dizz is right theyll be fine i like changing the look of my tank. it keeps the fish happy and les aggresive.

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by doomydarkdoom

When adding new fish to a tank that already has some semi-aggressive or aggressive fish, it's even recommended that you rearrange a bit, so that there's no established territory to fight over. That way it's like they all have to stake a new claim instead of a new fish being dumped into already-established territory.

change things around

4 posts

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