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by blueshoes2208

haha that just seems so weird to throw in a dead animal into my tank that later on i will want looking pristine

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by Snowboss4492

lol... know it sounds screwy.............fishboy's order is perfect, i would add though that i have tried a few different types of salt and always come back to "Instant Ocean" it stays powdery, doesn't clump up, doesn't take as much to mix to 1.023 SG and is usually cheaper than say Kent Marine or other "reef" quality salts...just my

as soon as you can afford it, get a refractometer to test salinity with as they are MUCH more acurate than the cheap "get-u-by" swing arm type, that need to be seasoned and cleaned like crazy - - i got mine on ebay, brand new for like 48.00 plus shipping of course and it's awsome


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by puffedupseagull

Thanks Singapore
Great feedback. Comments like yours makes helping others feel very rewarding And makes you relise that people are greatfull for ADVISE. Im so glad your ICH fixed up. Its a bastard sometimes. I have not had it like i said since feeding my fish Garlic Cloves on a regular basis. Any way Blueshoes, get that stinkin water in the tank, chuck some dead shit in there and start the cycle LOL LOL LOL Like Fishboy says once its cycled its cycled. Because you wont have fish producing waste in your newly cycled water for a while the condition of the water wont degrade real fast. Prob months before those levels of nitrate will build up in a fish less tank, and will need a water change.
Hope this helps

thanx folks

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