emperor bio wheel problems

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emperor bio wheel problems

by Mike0372983

I was sitting at my desk doing some homework when my filter motor stoped punping water and making oud cracking nioses, no water came out and after a while it would start again, and then stop again. So I unpluged it and set up a mini filter, and suggestions what to do, buy new one, or any ways to fix it...

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by rw1298

pull your impeler out and rinse the unit you could have a piece of gravel in there or something . i have had that happen before.

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by Tmercier834747

Anytime that happens to mine, I pull the top covers off, and rip the whole impeller/intake shaft up and down (while plugged in) until it works normally again which is usually just a couple thrusts. I'm not very gentle either.

These are frustrating filters and the only reason I keep them around is for the bio-wheel. It seems like any tiny piece of whatever that gets in the impeller housing causes it to shift and hit the sidewalls or just stop completely.

I won't say what I do won't risk the longevity of your filter but I own 2 and have done it many, many times...

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by yasherkoach

anytime you clean the filter, about every 4-6 weeks, you should take out the impeller, clean any mildew off it, and put it all back together. Also get a brush tube to clean any gook out of the tubing.

I have a Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel filter 200. Every 4 weeks, I break both filters down, clean it all out.

worse case scenerio, you may need a new filter. motors do die in time. I just got rid of 2 air pumps because the pumps were so loud I couldn't see straight. I bought another Fusion 500 air pump. all quiet now

hope this helps

emperor bio wheel problems

4 posts

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