Questions about my refugium

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Questions about my refugium

by newbie916

I started my refugium about a week ago and I have 2 inches of live sand and 25 lbs of live rock in a 20 gallon section of my sump. I put a 36 watt coral life power compact for lighting. I ordered two mangrove plants. How would you guys plant them?

I also bought some macro algae, sea lettuce, and some copods. Should I just drop the macro algae and lettuce into the refugium and let it tumble or should I attach it to a rock? I will get the mangrove plants and macro algae delivered on Wed. How would you guys set it up.

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by jweb1369

I can't really answer your questions about all of that but I seen on discovery channel that mangrove plants absorb the most CO2 out of all the plants in the world. Is that necessarily a good thing? Isn't a certain amount of CO2 necessary?

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by fihsboy

not sure about the CO2.....but the leaves are out of the water.....and that takes a lot in. Its deff a good thing with the global warming crap. I dont know if its the best for your fish.......but its working great for me. I have 26 I just planted them straight into the substrate. I pulled one out yesterday to check for growth and they are growing like weeks. So if you just plant them straight into the gravel or sand you should be fine. As for the algae........dont add globs straight will just die. Add them at night in stages. Maybe one one night another tomorrow night etc etc. I read that it was best brought into your refuge in stages. I just bought some red algae yesterday at petco for two dollars. Make sure you add the copepods at night as well. Piece of cake. :) BTW if you want a ton of copepods......or your pods to reproduce......feed them phytoplex or a phto plankton product. They will produce faster than you can imagine!!!

Questions about my refugium

3 posts

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