anyone use the mp40

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anyone use the mp40

by saltwaterpimp

i am thinking about getting the mp40 they look sweet but do you think they are worth the money ? ... atid=16754 ... re=related

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by Snowboss4492

woooooo..........priceeeeeeee.............looks cool though

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by fihsboy wouldnt get ANY stray voltage with that. I have never seen one in use...but they look amazing! Its like a koralia......but better....Ive i had that kinda try it for sure.

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by jweb1369

Not worth the money. It's just a magnet...

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by schigara

I think they are a very cool design but neither materials nor R&D could possibly warrant such a high price.

Maybe $150 to $200 but that would be stretching it.

$420 is just insane! I bet if they dropped the price to under $200, they would sell 100x's of times as many and ultimately, profit considerably more due to higher volume.

Just my opinion.

Before I spent that kind of money, I'd drill for closed loop and use a 4 way Oceans Motions device.

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by Peterkarig3210

Ouch! Very cool but I agree with the rest of these guys; it's an expensive powerhead. I like the battery backup.

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by saltwaterpimp

i wish some one else would build a cheaper one also, i do like the idea of no stray voltage(less cluter in the tank) battery backup is a +, and the pump is a beast, but it would be over 500 by the time it gets to my door that is crazy
i have been reading some on a closed loop system and that is probably the way to go,i am going to be building a tank from acrylic i think i will put a cls on it ,also i will try a calfo style overflow (that guy is my hero)
thanks for the input guys

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by dick_headers

That is awesome.

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by gumbii

tunze anybody...???

and the guys at reefcentral love those things...

anyone use the mp40

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