DIY CO2: I almost killed all my fish

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by a1k8t31524

well from what i know from baking the only thing that will kill the yeast would be salt and water that is to hot, and as far as yeast goes you could honestly keep adding more sugar to the same container and it kep generating the gas. Like they do with sourdough or what they calla "pate fermente" sp? they have one pice of dough that was made anywhere from 1 to 120 years ago and they just contuine to "feed the yeast" i.e adding more sugar and water to the mix which keeps the fermentatipon process going. This is what gives sourdough its unique flavor, each time they make a batch of the bread they mix in a chunk of the old dough with the new dough.... thus making it "sourdough" so i would recomenond adding more sugar and stuff b/c eventully you bottle would become not so plesent smelling but the problen i run into with a larger container would be gerring the maximum amount of gas out of that mix b/c that much sugar and yeast would probally become pretty expensive and i would want to get as much as possible

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by Peterkarig3210

It's not too hard to get too much co2 gas flow as I found out a few days ago. The air stone was pumping out thousands of tiny bubbles and creating a current to the surface. That's when I disconnected it from my filter intake and just hooked an air stone to it.

What we're doing is making alcohol with the yeast and sugar, and I'm pretty sure that at some point there will be a toxic amount of alcohol which will kill the yeast. With sourdough you don't create a toxic brew of alcohol so you can keep on going with it.

One of the reasons for this post was to warn people with DIY co2 that you can overdo the co2 so much that you'll kill the fish. Just be careful and check the pH with it on and also with it off.

DIY CO2: I almost killed all my fish

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