Lighting for a Deep fish tank

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Lighting for a Deep fish tank

by peteg

Hey people i'm setting up a marine tank with the view of growing corals, anenomes and keeping fish.

My tank is an odd shape width 30 inches, depth 15 inches, height 32inches

I presume i'm going to need a metal halide system, or could i get away with regular tubes?

given the depth of the tank what wattage of lighting should i be using?

is more better or can you have too much light?

I appreciate any replies

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by Snowboss4492

i think you could in concept have to much light but it's pretty rare - - -

you can "fudge" the wattage a little by putting your corals up on live rock which mean your not penatrateing as much water - - but IMO {and i don't have corals right now, so a recite from reading} a couple 250 watt MH would be perfect or a single on one end with high end corals and PC lights on the other for nems and fish - -create a multi environment out of it


Lighting for a Deep fish tank

2 posts

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