Saltwater Shark !!!

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Saltwater Shark !!!

by monkey

ive kept bala sharks for years and now want something bigger and more challenging, meaner looking,

what kind of sharks can i get for a saltwater aquarium ?

i want something that looks like a bala shark or similar that will grow to about 2ft.

ideally id like a 6 week old great white that wont grow lol !

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by Peterkarig3210

Where do you live and how big a tank will you have?

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by saltwaterpimp

good luck on the great white..also have you ever kept a salt tank ? i would stay away from sharks unless you have experince, aged saltwater and a 200 gallon tank or it will die.

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by Snowboss4492

i would agree...................sharks are very beautiful creatures but are designed to move constantly - - IMO it's just one of those animals better left in nature - - i've seen a tank with a reef shark in it - -it was 2 yrs old about 6 feet and the tank was 5000 gallons and in a custom built basement just for the lil fella - - and on top of that all he did was swim in circles, didn't appear to be a happy camper


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by Peterkarig3210

Depending on where you live you could catch a game fish like a pike or a gar. These also would require a very large tank, but if you catch the fish yourself near your home you could conceivably return it to the wild if it outgrows your tank.

Arowanas are pretty mean fish, but they also need a tank 200-400 gallons minimum as they get 18 inches easily.

What about a birchir (sp?) They're kind of like eels or swimming salamanders with fins. OK, they also get really big.

Just please be responsible and think about this before the lust for a fish makes you do something that will end up with an unhappy or dead outcome.

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by Tmercier834747

To me its like you could probably do a thousand things more entertaining with your time and money than give yourself the 'shock value' of getting a fish in captivity that really isn't meant for it as most of these guys said.

Boss brings up a very valid point and that's that they need to move constantly. One of my frequently visited LFS's has a 2' shark thats in a 400gal and he swims in circles all day. Seems it would suddenly be something to easily get bored with yourself and keep around only for the sake of showing off to your buddies as further 'shock value'. I can't imagine how a single fish with nothign else in his tank (to give as much swimming room as possible) swimming in circles all day would really be entertaining. Hope you reconsider.

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by a1k8t31524

i do not think that a shark should ever be done unless you have 5k gallons or more....but that is just me .... kinda like keeping a gold fish in a bowl.

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by jweb1369

A 2 foot shark would need a tank thats atleast 1000 gallons. ATLEAST, and that's basically just big enough for it to survive probably. Then you have to feed it live food. Depending on what kind of shark it is, you would have to get things such as lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, fish, clams, crabs, etc, etc, etc... It would be like going from keeping a dog as a pet, to keeping a horse.

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by Peterkarig3210

That's a great way to look at it. "Like keeping a horse" You've got to invest time, daily, to care for it properly.

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by Zambize4899

I agree. It is a very bad idea to keep a saltwater shark, of any size. Some wild animals can not be kept successfully.

Saltwater Shark !!!

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