Sand help please

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Sand help please

by metsniper

Hey eveyone this is my first time posting just started getting into fishtanks, but so far its sucked me in. well i have a question, i started a planted tank, and got sand but now im nervous because i was just told all sands have salt in them and now ill have to restart my aquarium. The sand i got was supernaturals from caribsea inc and it says save for freshwater on it but i just want to make sure so if anyone know if this sand is ok please tell me.thank u.

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Re: Sand help please

by Poetic_Irony2267

the sand is fine, although you are right there is some small amount of salt in the sand it's not going to add up to an amount that is going to harm your fish, i would like to add though if you are doing a planted tank you will want to put some stone in around where you have your plants in the tank so that the roots have something to cling too and wrap around. if you think about it, in the wild you wont find many types of plants in sandy areas because they have nothing for their roots to cling too and are easily dug up by fish and pulled from their place by moving currents and winds etc...

i hope this helps

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by saltwateroc

You should be fine.. the sand will not hurt anything. Just watch your salt levels thats all...


Sand help please

3 posts

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