Red Tail Shark

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Red Tail Shark

by Joneh3727

a couple of days ago i bought a red tail shark that is about an inch and a half long. im just wondering if its natural for them to find the need to hide because at times i cant even tell its in the tank cause its hiding in the many rocks and plants i have in the tank

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Re: Red Tail Shark

by dragonmoray

It will probably find an area to its liking, then establish a territory there where it will spend quite a lot of its time.

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by evelynmarch26

since you just got him, don't worry about it, every fish needs to get used to his new environment which can take up to 10 days in some cases

hope that helps

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by yoder1209

i also have a red tail shark, mine does the same thing.
its always under the same rock.

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by Mattallica874353

Ive had many red-tail sharks and it seems thats what they do. They like to feel secure by hiding under and behind things, and can be real skittish at times.

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by prskiller

My Redtail Shark is shy to. I glanced at my tank and he is nowhere within site, lol. Must be in the rock or the ship.

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by cyndrine

they are a shy fish. will come out more when he feels safe in the tank and is sure that the spot chosen won't be stolen by anybody else. Just wait. I had one that eventually felt safe enough to be out almost the time and would come to the front of the tank and watch me work around the house. hehe .

Red Tail Shark

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