Advise of what fish to keep in 20 Gallon Tank

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by a1k8t31524

what about some like clawed frogs..... i know they are not fish....but they are pretty cool little suckers.

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by jweb1369

Is it a 20 long? You can put a few more fish in those than the 20 highs. I have always wanted a tank full of cardinal tetras or neons. They really are amazing in large numbers. You could fit 20 in there nicely. The cardinals are a bit fancier, with red that follows the entire length of the body. Make sure you have a super low pH around 6ish for the cardinals I believe they do best in that.

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by Peterkarig3210

Neon and Cardinal Tetras are really nice as a school. They're very vulnerable to being attacked by other fish though, so keep that in mind. I had some Ghost shrimp and the big one wiped out all my Cardinals at night when they were sleaping. I had tetras with Ghost shrimp before and they did OK. I think the problem was that the tetras didn't have enough time to learn about the ghost shrimp, and that if I were to start with baby shrimp there probably wouldn't be a problem.

Advise of what fish to keep in 20 Gallon Tank

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