Coral Placement

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Coral Placement

by puffedupseagull

I have a toad stool (large) and one small, in a 6 foot tank, under 4 x 150 watt halides. What do you all think would be the best placement ie height in the tank, and should they be in fast med or slow flow areas????? my water circulation is around 7000 ltrs an hour for around 700 ltrs of water

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by newbie916

I have two toad stool's and one prefers medium placement with medium to low flow. I tried to put him in front of my Koralia 4, but he wasn't very happy there. I had placed the other one about 8 inches from my Koralia, but he wouldn't open, so I put him in my hospital tank over the weekend. I put him at the top with very light flow next to the power compacts. He loves it in the smaller tank and has opened up again. I just got him a little over a week ago and he's doing very well. It really depends on the animal. What I noticed is that if they don't like the spot they won't attach to the rock and they won't open up.

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by saltwaterpimp

mine liked the lower part of the tank and middle,with the right lights and water flow they will out grow there space.if you put them to high they wont grow like they should,also dont move them all the time find a spot and leave them. give the toadstools a medium to strong wave like current laminar and they should do fine. if the toadstool starts to grow algae on the trunk or detritus sets on the crown then give em a little more flow.


Coral Placement

3 posts

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