seahorse buddies

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seahorse buddies

by singapore

now that my eel has passed, i think i want to put seahorses in my tank.

would i be able to keep them with my longnose butterfly, my bicolor angel, and a blue damsel? the seahorses are around 3 inches rite now, and will end up being around 10 inches or more. they are tank raised and eat frozen mysis just like my other fish.

i also have a condylactus anemone, is this a problem?

its a 55gal tank btw

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by Snowboss4492

i don't have seahorses, but have researched them and came to the conclusion that the best way to have them is in a dedicated tank................not to say they can't be in a community tank of sorts, BUT, i think the biggest problem you will have other than possable bullying and to much water current is going to be feeding - - -they are very docile, timid, hyper sensative, picky eaters to begin with, very slow and methodical creatures and the other animals will out compete them for food every time......................

good luck, they are beautiful animals for sure ............i will do a seahorse tank one of these days, i think a cylinder tank would be perfect for them.......


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by dick_headers

I think seahorses wouldn't survive in your tank. They are very peaceful critters, your butterfly fish wouldn't tolarete this. Seahorses are best to keep by themselves. You might be able to keep them with fishes in a way bigger tank.
Your condy anemone might also think it's feeding time..:-(

seahorse buddies

3 posts

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