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by joey83

can anyone let me know how to get hold of some sponges for my reef tank please. thanks

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by gumbii

sometimes they start growing on your live rock...????

i really don't know... i know my LFS usually has some for sale... go to a LFS and hit them up... tell them that you want sponges... and make sure you know wich ones you want... and that you don't have any inhabitants that will munch on they sponges...

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by angus4481

gumbii is right.... most of the time they just grow right out of live rock. i had one piece of lr that spread it to bout 6 different rocks. the sponge on mine started in the shade.... if that helps any

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by schigara

My LFS had some blue photsynthetic sponge that he gives away to his best regular customers so I got a piece of it. I have read that sponges require a certain amount of silicates and I don't supplement and boy does it grow painfully slow. It's only grown about 1/4 in in 6 months.

I have a piece of lime green sponge that just grew on the branch of a Frogspawn.
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by singapore

if your lfs doesnt sell them, then you can try liveaquaria.com

they have i think 2 kinds available. or petsolutions.com

marinesgardens.com is good too

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by singapore

gumbi is correct in saying they grow on liverock. they seem to grow in the cracks and crevaces of mine, a dark red/maroon color.

and schigara is right also, they take FOREVER to grow

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by dick_headers

I have an orange lettuce sponge( sorta' like a cross between tree and ball sponge). I have him about 7 month now. He's very bright orange, but grows extremly slow. Needs very strong water currents, and supplements of phyto and zooplanktons. the type of sponges that grows on the rocks will come sooner or later. It's just a matter of time and water quality.


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