this is crazy

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this is crazy

by seankh

I was looking though rating tanks and i seen alot of setups that looke like they were put together in the dark with no thought and there rated like 200 how is this? I know i dont hve the best tank in the world and i love my setup and i think it should be rated alot higher than the gold fish bowl with no gravel and no decor. I have also seen some tanks that i had to look at for like 5 minutes because they were beutiful than i look at there rating and there rated like 1500 best world wide.

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by gumbii

yeah i see that alot... it's insane...

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by Snowboss4492

i gave up looking at tank rateings months ago....i don't evem know were mine stands and realy don't care - - -you can tell when you look at a tank wheather it's thrown together, whether it's someone with more money than sense or wether it's someone who has busted their ass with next to nothing and made everything they have done count - - -those are the guys and gals i like to see and talk to

just my 2 cents


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by Peterkarig3210

I could care less anymore either.

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by Tmercier834747

The tank ratings are based on a system that puts the most recently posted tanks up for review more often. Within a week after posting, my 16 gal was rated in the top 10 --- and had received at least 100 votes, two weeks later it had dropped to 250, now its somewhere in the 500's. My point is tanks -- shortly after they're posted may not be anywhere they need to be ratings wise. I know damn well my 16gal is not top 10 material, hell its not even top 500. Since reaching 500 its probably been voted on a maximum of 5x in about 2 months. The system takes awhile to level out, and I doubt honestly that the votings are rigged an any way. Just a little quirky until you get through the ''trial'' period, so to speak.

this is crazy

5 posts

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