corals...its hard to find compatable ones

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corals...its hard to find compatable ones

by singapore

i really want some corals.

i have a HOB canister filter, a brand new seaclone skimmer (100 gallons), and a 130watt power compact. this is all on a 55gal.

i dont really add any trace elements or anything. just some ph buffer my lfs guy reccomended.

i plan on starting to add trace elements, once i get some money. and i want to buy another 130watt pc light.

everythign on my tank is reef compatable, except for possibly my longnose butterfly, and my bi-color angel. i know for a fact the angel doesnt give a crap about my anemone, but the butterfly is new and im not sure how he will be with it ina few days.

my question is, what type of corals can i keep with these fish? ive heard leather and LPS are okay? but polyps and zoo's will become treats for them?

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by gumbii


candy cane corals...?

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by ocreef

I would get rid of the HOB canister filter...they only do a great job of gathering nutrients and raising your nitrate levels...which is not wanted for any large reef aquarium. As for the Bi-Color Angelfish, if fed good, he will leave most corals alone...however it will nip at most sessile inverts and corals out of habit.

corals...its hard to find compatable ones

3 posts

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