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by jweb1369

Yea and just being able to be one of the priveleged saltwater tank owners.

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by yasherkoach

saltwater, I would think, is the ultimate in fish keeping because of the complexity (posssibly coral & reef too). Saltwater is just vivid, plain & simple.

But for us newbies to this hobby, freshwater is the best way to go.

Also saltwater, if I went this route, I would prefer to have a tank at the minimum size of 150 gallons because the fish would do best with at least this much space. Most saltwater fish I have seen are large, over 6", mostly at 12" or more for most fish. So you need a lot of room in the tank so the fish will be at their happiest level.

Freshwater, though there are many fish that are interesting and color oriented, and the fish have such personality, I would say, by doing some research in the saltwater field, that the fish for saltwater tanks are much more specific to a fish's needs. In other words, if the water quality is bad or not right, the saltwater fish will die much faster than most fish in a freshwater tank.

I hate to say this, but to be quite honest, freshwater are for those, like myself, who just began to keep fish. I know Peterkarig will disagree because I truly respect his judgement (sheesh, his mother is a marine biologist, so I am sure Peter has not gotten into this hobby haphazardly, far as I know, via my research...), I think, after much reading, that freshwater are for those who have just touched the outer rim, so to speak, of this hobby. Saltwater is way too complex.

I do not mean that freshwater hobbyists are not serious minded (I would never say this about myself (((smiles))), only that saltwater hobbyists have a much more difficult task in maintaining their tanks.

So I guess it's the maintenance of the saltwater tank that decides the complexity of this hobby. Anyone can set up a tank, inhabit the tank with all kinds of fish...but the true test is in maintaining the tank so no fish, inertebrates, etc do not die.

So the ecosystem in a saltwater tank is much more complex. This is the reason I am puuting off saltwater for some time. I am not ready for such a reality.

Now do not get me wrong, freshwater set up is very nice. All my fish have personality, I am very supportive of their world. I love or adore my fish, even the invertebrates, the Olive Nerite Snails and Ghost Shrimp truly amaze me...yet to keep coral alive and all the saltwater invertebrates alive, I can well imagine it is much more complex.

So I will keep with freshwater fish now. Each fish has its own quirks, likes, dislikes, each fish has its own personality and temperment, gotta love freshwater fish and invertebrates. I adore this freshwater hobby.

In time, years from now, I will go for saltwater. Until then, I will remain mystified by the beauty of my freshwater experience.

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by gumbii

i wouldn't say that freshwater is for the beginner... i'm no beginner... and i'm still thinking about setting up another freshwater tank... i'm thinking about a planted with some discus and apistograma... but idunno...

Freshwater guy

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