Uploading pictures too LARGE!

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Uploading pictures too LARGE!

by Mike0372983

When you cut offthe top of a picture and make it wider does it make to picture size too large for the sight? Cant seem to upload a picture that I have edited... just a random question...

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by littlej2455

i tried to take a picture with my camera and change the size so it will fit the requirement, but the picture was still too large. the only way i have pictures now is because i took them from my phone.

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by snowboss

set your camera on the lowest pixel setting that still gives you a decent pic - - - i have a 10 mega pixel camera and to get it to size correctly i lose 3/4 of the picture, but when i set it on 2.1 the complete image will usually fit and the quality is more than enough for a webshot.................hope it helps

as for the question - - -think of it as square feet like for carpeting a room - - - -if the room is 10 foot by 10 foot = 100 sq ft - -if you chop the room down to 5 foot and strech it out to 20 foot long....................it's still 100 sq ft.............make sense??

i'm a redneck that needs to simplify things way down and draw em out on paper, lol to see it for my self


Uploading pictures too LARGE!

3 posts

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