Please help me i have COPPER in my tank

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Please help me i have COPPER in my tank

by puffedupseagull

I STUPIDLY put a little amount of copper in my tank, and now my softies taking it hard. Please help me get rid of this copper trace. It was from a stop tap which i installed to my tank not thinking, and it was in the system for around a week. What will help get rid of this quick

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by jenningsxxx

Just do a 70% water change and put a carbon filter in, that should take care of your problem.

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by saltwaterpimp

LOL. Your tank will die with 70% waterchanges. Cooper is hard to get rid of bud google it.

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by Peterkarig3210

I was doing research on copper and the only way I found to get rid of it is with water changes. I don't know what the safe water change rate is for salt water tanks though.

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by gumbii

you could use some stuff called cuppramine?... i think... or poly pads... once they turn blue you throw them away... um... there's some better stuff out there... hold on...

um... chemi pure will also work... water softener pillow will also work... um...

oh no... not cuppramine it's called CupriSorb... that's the best stuff out there... it targets the removal of copper without taking out trace elements...

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by puffedupseagull

thanks everyone for ur help i have done research on that cuprisorb by seachem and lots of folk agree its the best

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by lightsluvr

Hopefully you are not screwed - depends on how much a "little" copper is...that stuff gets into your live rock, sand bed, everywhere... you can try all of the above, especially the carbon and poly pad ideas. You can do 10% water change every 24 hours, but use aged and well-mixed saltwater - don't just mix it up and dump it in... Invest in a copper test kit. As you know, inverts and most coral will suffer damage. Our webbed fingers are crossed for you...

Please help me i have COPPER in my tank

7 posts

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