Feeding ants to fish?

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by darkruby

I will figure that part on my own... thanks for the info!

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by gumbii

go online and look for wingless or flightless fruit fly's... you could get a mother colony, and breed for like ever... as long as you keep feeding them and changing thier bedding... it's a complicating process, but it will become like clockwork... my friend used to handle it for all of our dart frogs...

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by jweb1369

brine shrimp would be easier. you can just get their eggs (sometimes called sea monkeys) and breed them in any kind of tank but make sure the filter has a very small sponge over it so it doesn't suck them up. All you have to do is drop the eggs into the water and wait, i believe. They hatch within a day or so.

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by yasherkoach

Peter, I have no idea how the earthworms have not polluated the water, but the water quality is fine as ever. I did serious reading about this subject, and it is okay to place live earthworms (clean ones) in a freshwater tank without any problems. The earthworms will stay alive for weeks, in time, they will die and the good bacteria feeds off the earthworms. Sounds crazy, but so far it's worked.

As soon as it rains here, I plan to dig up more earthworms. Some I will mince up and feed the fish. A few others I will let loose into the tank. It's amazing to watch the earthworms slowly burrow themselves into the gravel never to be seen again.

As long as the water quality is fine, there is no harm.

Feeding ants to fish?

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