do fish mourn?

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do fish mourn?

by yasherkoach

I wonder if a fish passes on, let's say, for instance, my own two red wag platies, a female and a male, he is very protective of her, he chases all the other fish away from her - if she passes on, I wonder if he goes through a mourning process (if the fish dies of natural causes, it will be for another 3 or more before she dies), but I do wonder about this

any ideas on this?

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by gumbii

it depends on how smart the fish is... or also... it might seem like mourning, but it's just lonely... oscars do it sometimes... parrot fish too...

my friend's arapaima gigas did it too... it's wierd...

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by seankh

i had a pair of red devils and when the female died the male stopped eating stopped being active for like a week so im thinking they do

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by Tmercier834747

I had a dwarf sunset molly that was all over a red wag platy, and when the platy died it seemed obvious the molly was bothered. sad but slightly funny. =P

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by darkruby

Fish probably miss the "Play mate" they had which leads them to doing weird stuff like not eating or mouping around.

do fish mourn?

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