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by memphis

i have a 55 gallon tank. wondering how to build a refugium for it. also what size should it be

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by schigara

If you could build a 10,000 gallon fuge, that would be great. I know people who use 32g brut trash cans filled half way up with sand as remote deep sand beds. The size of the refugium doesn't really matter. What matters is what you grow in the refugium and that it can grow fast enough to out compete nuisance algaes for nutrients.

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by ocreef

You can use any solid poly-resin or plastic type container, such as Rubbermaids 18 Gallon RoughNeck Storage Container. This should hold up to the saltwaters wearing down affects... for quite a few years.

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by fihsboy

I have a one that is 9 gallons smaller than my main tank, i have pics in my profile if you want ideas. 29 gallon main and 20 gallon refuge......if you could do a 100 gallon fuge and a 55 gallon main would be in good business. Though thats not a very real would be optimal. Bigger you can go the better.


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