More water

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More water

by bluestarmickey

I wanna put more water in my tank cause when I started it i just filled it about 2inch from the top. how should i fill it up more? can i just put water in and then treat it? or do i have to put it into something and filter it and treat it and then put it in?

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by ChristinaBug2890

When ever I have to do a top off I just treat the water with a dechlorinator/whatever in a bucket first then put it in small bits at a time so that it doesnt change the temperature drastically. If that helps at all.

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by Peterkarig3210

Ya. Most of us just treat the water in the container we're filling at the tap and pour it directly into the tank from there. I've never had problems doing it this way.

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by jweb1369

Same. I just squirt some liquid dechlorinator (i use stresscoat), then turn on the faucet. I don't even measure for stresscoat because it also helps promote fin growth and reduce fish stress.

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by Peterkarig3210

I always use too much conditioner and have to keep buying it.

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by yasherkoach

this is the procedure I take for a water change or to top it off:

as the other members said, no matter how much you put into the tank, even if it is a cup, you must dechlorinate it

1. I have a 5 gallon bucket from Big Al's Online (strictly for fish tanks), I drain the water via a hose into the bucket; I do 9 gallons twice a week, so let's say, liek today, I took out 9 gallons via a siphon hose (flushed the water down the tub drain)

2. I use a gallon jug (that had spring water in it, bought it at Walmart), I fill the bucket up with 3 gallons measuring with the gallon container, then I fill up the gallon container, therefore, it gives me 4 gallons

3. I take the two containers to the studio where the tank is, I have a measuring spoon, I place almost a 1/2 teaspoon of dechliorinater into the bucket & gallon container

4. I pour the gallon container directly into the tank, very slowly

5. then I lft up the bucket (it's not too heavy with 3 gallons), and pour it very slowly into the tank

then I repeat the process all over again until I have 9 gallon (the last gallon is from the gallon container)

to top off the tank, put some dechlorinater into the gallon container and slowly top off the tank

I use Kordon NovAqua+ water conditioner that removes chlorine, toxic metals, breaks down chloramine yet adds some lost vitamins. I do not use a product that strictly conditions the water, because it can actually backfire for it raises the nutrient level way too much. But I find NovAqua+ does the trick.

your tank like mine has a black strip along the top; what you want to do is, have the waterline just a 1/16th" above the black strip or else if you have a lot of areation as I do, the canopy glass will be splashed or it may give fish an easier time to jump out or the condensation does not collect as much

hope this helps

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by faile486

I use a python hose and add dechlorniator to the tank before I start, or as I'm refilling. In my 120g I'm hoping to set up a 'holding tank' that'll have pre-dechlorinated and aged water to use for water changes.

More water

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