Stocking my community tank...

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Stocking my community tank...

by monkeybone315

Good day everyone. I have a 46 gallon (about 40 - 42 after rock displacment) with a fluval 305 canister, a penguin bio-wheel fliter, and a UV Sterilizer. I have 5 Black Skirt tetras, 3 Congo tetras, and will have two angel fish. About how many more fish could I fit and what kinds would you recommend?

thanks, Ryan

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by Zambize4899

I would add some more of each of the two types of Tetras. They are schooling fish and will be happier and healthier with more of their own kind. Maybe some type of Corydoras. They earn their keep and they are very entertaining. They are also schooling fish and shouldn't be kept in numbers less than 6, minimum, or they won't likely do well and you won't really get to see their true behavior/personality. Like any other schooling fish they are much more visually appealing and entertaining in schools that are big enough.


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by yasherkoach

I agree with zambize

also buy about 10 Olive Nerite Snails (their eggs do not reproduce well in freshwater tanks, therefore, you won't have snails everywhere) and get about 15-20 ghost shrimp...both these guys clean uneaten foods, algae, they clean plants (the snails)...they are the best cleaners outside of loaches

hope this helps too

Stocking my community tank...

3 posts

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