Startingin Salt Aquariums- beginner help

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Startingin Salt Aquariums- beginner help

by blueshoes2208

My story: I hope many people read this bulletin help me out because I am looking into going into this hobby for not only the reason of enjoyment but as of now I am pursuing a career in the marine biology field, perhaps being lucky enough to land a job at seaworld.
I am 18 years old and a freshman at a local college. I have worked at a local grocery store for going on 3 years now and still only make 7.10 per hour. My budget is low but I am perhaps one of the smartest people in putting my money wisely where it needs to go. Right now i own and maintain a 1969 mustang in which is expensive now but i understand its worth later down the road. I am currently putting more money in the bank than i am spending and i know where i can eat for free if that goes to show you how cheap i am haha.
I have come to understand that time is certianly one of the most important factors related to this hobby. I have been researching this topic for around 6 months now. ( I was bedridden for a while as i tore my acl on halloween) I have learned that this could topple my budget leading to around 1,000 for the setup and that a slightly larger tank is better off to maintain the chemical levels... baffling me. I have considered one no smaller than 29 but no larger than 75 gallons.
If anyone has any advice on hardware needed, companies to shop from, websites and personal experienc of all you junkies out there. I thank you guys for whoever read this far for reading my story about all of this and any comment you have is appreciated.

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by Snowboss4492

Well , let me be the first to welcome you to the is a great hobby and extreamely rewarding, you sound pretty well informed and i encourage you to read everything you can check everything you hear and then make the most informed choices you can and make them so they fit your needs and desires..

that being said, you are entering into what can be a pretty costly hobby but doesn't have to destroy your life in any way at all, i would say a grand is a very comfortable number and that would allow you to get pretty good equipment up front, i started with basic stuff and upgraded as i went {most of the time because of failures in lesser equipment, which ended up costing me a lot more than just getting proper equipment up front}

I think a standard 55 gallon tank would be an excelent start...they are kinda like chevy 350's , lol, you can find em anywhere and parts are pretty available - - - now to the tank and set up

choice number one - - -what do you want to do? FO {fish only} FOWLR {fish only with live rock} or REEF {self explanitory} the FO is going to be the easiest and least expensive and the least ineresting IMO - -the FOWLR is a pretty common "crossover" type set up that will look cool yet won't be near as volital as a reef .....and the reef will be the most expensive, most volital to changes in water and light conditions and most delicate - - - AND the most beautiful

with that choice out of the way you can start buying equipment and again depending on the type of tank that will dictate the level of quality you will need to invest up front

things you will need - test equipment for water quality, refractometer for salinity testing, tubs and buckets for mixing salt water, RO filters or RO water source {culligan dispenser at wal-mart 33 cents a gallon} a tank, stand, lighting {again dependant upon type of tank} live rock and / or live sand {stay away from crushed coral substrates} couple power heads, protien skimmer and most importantly a filter filters are another subject in and of themselves - -HOB {hang on back} full blown sumps, canisters, hybrids, and the best of all

i included the link below for a filter system i am about to buy for my 20 gallon long tank - - it looks very interesting, i would call this a hybrid filter, kinda like a sump, kinda like a canister a little like a HOB

and for the cost it looks like a great all around set up - - remember this stuff can get expensive but the most expensive is not always the best qualty product ... atid=16747

wow ................ didn't mean to go on and on like that man..........ask alot of questions their a lot of good people in here that will help you with anything you can probably think of from tanks to love to construction to cars to

I am AL the Snowboss...........welcome !!!!!!

Startingin Salt Aquariums- beginner help

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