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by Peterkarig3210

It gave me some ideas on how to reduce the possibility of losing 100 gallons onto the floor and down into the apt below. I think I'm going to strap and bolt the tank to the wall. then the water can slosh as much as it wants and hopfully the tank won't break.

This was a relatively little earthquake and definitly not the "big one" that's guaranteed to hit us soon. We're expecting a massive quake so people are a little jumpy when we get little ones.

Gumbii got his floor a bit wet I guess as he's closer to the epicenter.

I love these gars I have. They think they are hiding sometimes when they sit on the bottom but when I stare directly at they're eyes they seem to know they're not fooling me and stop trying to hide. These are ancient fish and have an air bladder they can gulp air into, which is an adaption that allows them to survive in very oxygen poor water. I've been putting off the cleaning for too long and I told my son we'll be doing it tomorrow morning. I'll replace 2/3rds of the water, totally clean the gravel, and clean the 2 canister filters too. I think the gars, the characins, and the pleco will appreciate it.

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by faile486

There's supposed to be a bigger one soon = ( That was my first earthquake...give me tornadoes any day >.> Half the state catches fire and the ground shakes; California is crazy =p I was really glad I didn't have my 120 filled yet. I'm going to Home Depot to get something to secure it in place before putting water in it.

On topic - the tetras I have seem to react the same to everyone "Hey, someone who might feed me!!". I'm hoping the African's I'm getting will be different ^.^

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by danonolan

Well, to prove to people that fish know who puts flakes in their tank, I'll have a person stand back. Then I'll walk to one end of the tank. The tiger barbs all flock to that end of the tank (probably thinking I will feed them). Then I'll walk to the other end of the tank, and the same thing happens, so I'll say that at least SOME fish recognize people. As for others, it can be a mixed bag. For example, in one of my other tanks, my gourami hides whenever ANYONE (me included) enters the room. I generally have to feed it, then walk out for a few minutes before it eats.

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by yasherkoach

my lady red wag platy spots me everytime...if I cross from one end of the tank to the other, she will swim, walking beside me like walking a dog. her male friend/mate, a red wag platy will swim behind her as she follows me; he is very protective of herchases all the other fish away from her, I hate to think what will happen if she someday passes on, I wonder if he will mourn (I've an instinct he will mourn). there is one other red platy (not wag) that likes to take food from my fingers who also follows me; so I have two very bright/intelligent fish that are aware of my movements or company; the other fish will notice me too but these fish (danios/tetras) tend to amuse themselves so much in the tank that they have nothing really that distracts them from their play other than feeding time

so yes, again, fish do connect with us humans

Fish Know.?

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