Help brown dots on my tank

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Help brown dots on my tank

by dave_elp_33

I have note every 3 weeks I get brown dots on the ornaments and glass fish seem ok and water leves are on rates.

Any ideas or suggestions how to not get this dots, I was thinking on getting a snail thinking its just mold or something.


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Re: Help brown dots on my tank

by Poetic_Irony2267

the brown dots are actually a type of algae that grows naturally in fish tanks, the only way to keep it from growing out of control is to get something that eats it, or get an algaecide that you can put in the tank to keep it down, other than that i would suggest getting higher powered filtration, and do small water changes more often between your larger water changes and cleanings.

hope this helps

Help brown dots on my tank

2 posts

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