Coral on live rock

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Coral on live rock

by gdeeber

I think I have Button Polyps on my live rock but I did not buy them. Could they have survived the trip from to my house and then be out of water for two days at least? I also have something growing on my rocks that looks like a plant but has no leafs just a stalk. I will post pictures of each thing.

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by singapore

you could have button polyps, or you could have aiptasia anemones. 2days outts water may be a bit long for a coral to survive, but those damn anemones will live outta water for a few days

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by stubbysmom

I'd like to see a pic of them

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by saltwaterpimp

botton polyops can survive dry shipping same with xenia. i also gave you the name of the green stubs in previous post

Coral on live rock

4 posts

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