what the?

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what the?

by tree_lopper

hey guys i clean my glass the other day and by the next day the glass was cover in like white spots. there really small and they have 4 or 5 tiny tenticals on them, they almost look like tiny starfish. does any know what they are?

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by schigara

Asterina starfish. Some have 4-5-6 legs. They are known to eat coralline algae, some softies and some acropora coral.

When I spot one, I grab the tongs and remove them.


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by fihsboy

certainly a nuisance if its the asterina starfish.......my lfs had them.......and I told them I wasnt buying anything from them until they cleaned the tank of them.........neadless to say...........I dont buy from that system any more. They are crazy hard to get rid of.

what the?

3 posts

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