Question about live rock!

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Question about live rock!

by edub6307

Hey, I have Live Rock In my tank for about a week. And the rock got brown, like it got a tan. so did the sand!


And also I have three yellow tail-damsel, and one of them dissaperd...I have no ideal where it went!

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by snowboss

as far as the rock's more than likley diatom algae, it's nasty and it's heart breaking, but it's part of the deal, ---- 10% weekly water changes, RO water, keep the white lights to a minimum and in 4-6---------10 weeks it'll go away. Blow it of gently every day with a turkey baster and let the filter clean it up......

MIA fish? who knows, they are fast little buggars, might have jumped out might have died and the cleaner crew did their job, might be in the filter or floated under a piece of rock

good luck


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by gumbii

i just lost a yellow tail too the other day... i found him in the wet/dry sponge... oh well...

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by rick1221

it was a time that i had like 6 different kinds of damsel and they all started to die one by one, but at the end i end up with only on with one of the first damsel that i used for the cycling, when i went to my LFS they told me that, the damsel was killing all of the others one by one, so after that i just have one damsel on my tank and everything is good now

Question about live rock!

4 posts

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