Which invert is best at cleaning crap at the bottom?

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Which invert is best at cleaning crap at the bottom?

by MonkeyChunks

Hello. I am new to this website and I already have a question. I recently set up a 10 gallon tank with some plants, 3 zebra danios and rocks. What I have noticed so far, is that after about 2 weeks the substrate rocks gathered various chunks of either food or fish excrement. When I disturb the surface it all goes up.

So, what would be the best creature to eat all that junk up? Bumblebee shrimps? Amano Shrimps? Algae eater fish? Snails?


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by Mike0372983

If you have a smaller tank I know that amano shrimp will eat almost anything so they would be a good choice, but the best in my opinion would be a pleco but your tank would have to be larger to get one, they can grow big.

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by Tmercier834747

amano's are best overall as they'll eliminate algae FW snails and most otos won't touch, hair/brush, etc, and will also eat leftover food. Sometimes mine hang upside down off some water sprite on the surface and grab flakes right out of the water. However, I don't think any of the above mentioned are keen on eating doo doo. They will spend -most- of their time on the bottom of the tank, foraging for actual food. Oto's have their benefits too but they aren't gonna spend much time foraging the bottom of your tank.

If its the poo you're concerned about, vacuum your tank better, or get yourself some Corydoras. They'll stir up all kinds of crap into the water column where the filter can suck it up while they forage.

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by Sumthing_Fishy

Yep, I would say a cory catfish. They scurry around like they have a broom stick and sweep the gravel allowing the filter to catch it, and then a mystery snail would probably eat the rest.

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by zambize

If after two weeks you have too much crap on the bottom, the best tank cleaner is you. Weekly water changes and vacuuming are the norm, especially for small tanks.


Which invert is best at cleaning crap at the bottom?

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