Biozyme additive?

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Biozyme additive?

by blackpython1581

I have recently set up a new 30 gallon tank. It's set for 2 days now and the water has tested fine. It was recommended to me that I get Biozyme to help jump start the tank. I am ready to move my fish from the 10 gallon tank to their new home but I noticed that the Biozyme is floating on the top of the tank like food.

Per the directions, I have to use the Biozyme for 7 days. I'm wondering if the fish will mistake this for food and if it will be harmful to them if drectly ingested.

Also, if I move my algae eater right over, will he be ok, or should I leave him in the old tank for a little while longer???

Clearly a novice looking for some help.

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Re: Biozyme additive?

by Poetic_Irony2267

honestly you don't need the biozyme additive to get the tank cycled, because for the seven days that you will be adding the biozyme you could have the tank up and running with out fish in it and using a bit of "start right" for that time and it should cycle on it's own after seven days with a small tank like you are setting up it shouldn't take long for the biological filter to do it's job. you could take the time after the end of the seven days and take some water to the pet store and have them test it for everything. after it has tested out to be ok for nitrate/nitrite, ph, and ammonia, you should be fine to move the fish.

hope this helps.

Biozyme additive?

2 posts

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