Light watts and picture quality

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Light watts and picture quality

by thisfish884485

I have recently doubled the wattage in my tank(55 gallons 100 watts now). The problem i am having is my crappy camera wont take a good picture because its so bright!!. In the photos everything looks white bright eventhough in person it seems good.Does anyyone have an idea how to take a good pic. I cant adjust the f-stop(apeture) on my camera nor the film speed. Anyone have this problem

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by a1k8t31524

turn all the lights off in the room the camera should adjust

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by Tmercier834747

Double check and make sure there isn't a way to increase shutter speed...check a manual or something. If you're cam doesn't have that, get a different one. -.-

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by Zambize4899

I rarely get a good picture no matter what I do with my camera and lights. The best pictures I've gotten are of my tanks in the early morning indirect sunlight.


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by faile486

Photoshop >.>

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by spongebob4460

if your camera has a high megapixel, try standing farther back from the tank... less light will naturally reach the lens... then u can zoom in your pic and crop

Light watts and picture quality

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