New here??

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New here??

by freshreef

hey guys I am a new member here and submitted my tank about 5 days ago, but have yet to get any reviews. Can someone help me figure out why? Thanks in advance.

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by newbie916

Hey freshreef,

It looks like you have a freshwater set up. Everyone on this forum are dealing with salt water reef tanks. Your set up is really nice. Anyways, welcome and these guys are great for advice, they definitely helped me out since I joined a month ago.


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by fihsboy

Welcome Bud :) Nice tank there. It looks like you put a ton of work into it. After I got pictures it took two days to get approved and another 5 to accumulate votes. :) I have never rated a freshwater tank..........they would all get 10's from me because I suck at freshwater. I cant keep algae under control no matter what. My water turns lime green and my fish die. So i moved to saltwater............and havent lost a fish yet, knock on wood. Hang in there it will happen. :)

New here??

3 posts

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