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by makavelithedon963941

so now im having problems with my new skimmer, and its pretty much the same deal, not collecting like it should. there has to be another problem here. if anyone knows, is it possible that they way i designed my sump could have something to do with this?

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by edub6307

maybe the sump water level is too low, or the pump (if it uses one) is clogging!

But I dont know, im a newbie!!

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by Snowboss4492

your water level could be an issue............but generally speaking if it's picking up water then its doing what its supposed to which would bring you back to the skimmer itself...............if it's down side of the filtration and you have hella media you may not have much crap to get out of the water {which is ok} if its a new skimmer it may not be "broke in" or "seasoned" i bought a used skimmer and it still took a couple weeks to get any skimmate in it........and it still only gets about 1/2 inch of garbage in it every week or i would say pull it apart clean the hell out of it and go back to default factory settings according to set up directions and start adjusting every 3-4 days from there and see what happens

good luck



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