algae on sand

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algae on sand

by rodwross

I have a dark green algae that appears on the sand on the right front side of my tank. I break it up, but it comes back within 2 days. I have a sand sifting star and goby. If you try to lift it out, it falls apart. Any solutions appreciated.


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by snowboss

it's usually caused or i should say aided by poor water movement.................change your powerhaeds around or add one or two and see if that helps........cut your white lights down a little and keep goes away eventually


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by schigara

Like Boss said, added water flow will help.

It looks like your tank is about 2-4 months old? Algae blooms at this stage are normal. What is the nitrate reading in the tank now?
Have you tested phosphates? What is your water source for new makeup water and evap water replacement?

algae on sand

3 posts

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