Awesome Fish for a 29 gal

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Awesome Fish for a 29 gal

by Bigfish0016124

I would like to add more fish to my 29 gallon tank but I don't know what to get (so many fish so few tanks! ). I want something that goes well in a community, is colorful, and fairly hardy. Any ideas.

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by Mike0372983

A nice fish that is very colourful and is compatible with most community fish is the "bosemani rainbow". I dont have any but they look really fun to own.

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by Zambize4899

Before adding any new fish, any of your current fish would be happier with more of their own kind, but based on what is in your tank, it sounds like you're about maxed out on fish for that size tank.


Awesome Fish for a 29 gal

3 posts

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