Fish for 45 gal tank.

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Fish for 45 gal tank.

by ImprezaSTi

I plan to have some ocellaris clownfish in my tank, but I want more than just 2. I have read that different species of clownfish will fight. Is it ok if I have 4 ocellaris clowns? If I decide to buy anemones later on, would I have to buy 2 of them for 4 clowns then?

Firefish look pretty cool too, but I have read about them jumping out of the tank which doesn't sound like a good thing.

And damsels, are they really aggressive?

What other fishes are easy to maintain and good looking/colorful?

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by tangerine

not too sure about the clowns as i have heard horror stories and have also personally seen tanks with several types of clowns co existing peacefully.maybe the trick is to introduce them all at one go.

yeah,firefish are known to be jumpy especially if house together with robust fishes.

damsels are very territorial.

can try wrasses or gobies but do read up on them before buying.

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by amkelly

you can have 4 ocellaris clowns in one tank, but introduce them all at once... as of right now in my 65 gallon tank i have two black clowns and a maroon in my tank and they are coexisting fine because of the separate anemones they have. just because you will buy two anemones doesnt mean the clowns will split up into two groups i wouldnt count on it. damsels can be aggressive so if you want one i would suggest adding it last. easy fish to maintain and are good for your size tank are wrasses.

Fish for 45 gal tank.

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