all natural aquarium

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all natural aquarium

by pipdesign5529

anyone seen an aquarium that was illuminated by sunlight only?

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by ChristinaBug2890

I tried it once a long time my case it was alright since the windows in my house are massive and allow sufficient light in for most of the day...the algae loved it too (alot...alot..) which is why I no longer rely on the all natural it wasnt so great on cloudy days which we get alot of in spring.

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by pipdesign5529

I guess it would depend on where you live. some fish would love all that algae

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by gumbii

my ponds...???

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by snowboss

interesting tank there build it? or have it built?


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by pipdesign5529

built it thanks snowboss

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by a1k8t31524

you know i read an article on this once it was a completely sun powered filters no lights all "sun fed" as he called it topped off with rain water it was pretty interesting

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by Mike0372983

I would think going with the florescent lighting would be easier, because with all the algae that the sunlight would buildup might cause water conditions to become lower for some species.

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by yasherkoach

I placed my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium in a corner, crosses allfloor joists, on each side of the tank are two windows. The room which is actuaklly a music studio is painted all black with black blinds. Sometimes in the morning about 6am to 9am, I will open the blinds on the northeast side and filter some sun rays into the tank. I figure it works for fish in the wild why not a home tank. The thing is, keep the aquarium light off, I filter the light on the natural plant side, sometimes, the rays will filter in, it gives the tank a shimmering look, as long as there is good areation, and olive nerite snails (I have 35 of these babies), only very little green algae collects on the top of the glass top, under the light. It is rare that I do get algae, of course I am not applying natural sunlight 24/7, but if only a little bit at a time, I think the plants like it and the fish probably do, besides, it is natural, it must alright for fish.

so if sunlight is carefully applied yes it works.

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by jweb1369

One thing bad about all sunlight tank is that you might need a water cooler because rooms with a lot of windows are usually very warm, and even warmer in direct sunlight. Well atleast it is in the south.

all natural aquarium

10 posts

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