so heres a thought...

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so heres a thought...

by singapore

firstly id like to say, happy fathers day to any fathers on this site.

now down to business. so after alot of thought...i realize that a reef tank may be a little too much for me to manage right now. especially since im going to college in a year or so and i try to get out of my house as much as possible.

i am settling on the idea of a FOWLR tank. right now. in my small tank, i have a Oc. Clown, Blue Damsel, 6line Wrasse, Engineer Goby, Snowflake moray eel, Lngspine Urchin, Horseshoe Crab, then 4 hermits and 4 snails. In a 55gal FOWLR tank. . .How much liverock would be best? do u think more or less that the standard 1 3/4 lbs used for a reef will suffice?

I really like to look of puffers, especailly the stars and stripes puffers, and of triggers. i know at least the puffer nibbles at corals, but what about anemones? i have kinda wanted to get a few anemones, maybe a carpet, and a Long tentacle, just to that i can get a few more clowns thrown in there.

any reccomendations would be great.

btw... i dont want any new fish that will hurt and of my present fish or inverts

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by snowboss

while i don't have a lot of advice for you ..............thank you as i am a father and i forward the hapy fathers day to all as well

i just wanted to comend you for taking the time to look at your life schedual, your capabilities and you willingness and time availabilty, to make a solid responsible choice on tank type ...........i wish we all {my self included} did this ....the fish and corals you don't have thank you my

i don't know how much live sand you have right now......but IMO 1 lb of rock per gallon in a FOWLR looks very nice and is enough to get that small coral here and there if you want to without going full reef - - interesting question on the Nem's and puff compatability, don't know if he would pick at it

Puffs and triggers are cool as hell ...but pretty volital lil your findings im sure im not the only one curious


so heres a thought...

2 posts

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