How do you preserve a Penguin Bio-Wheel?

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How do you preserve a Penguin Bio-Wheel?

by Zambize4899

I have replaced this filter with a different one, but I will no doubt use this one some time sooner than later. I'd like to preserve the Bio-Wheel because it has at least 4 months of maturity. How can I do this? Right now I just left the wheel itself floating in the tank.


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by spongebob4460

I wouldn't leave the wheel floating in a tank that has fish or waste in it.... biowheels usually only receive filtered water, and don't get gunk in them which makes them stiiiiiink!!!!!

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by snowboss

unless your gonna use it pretty quickly [a week or so] i would just trash the wheel, clean and dry the filter good and save it for another day...............if you are gonna use it, leave it run in the exsisting tank [might have to run it on the front or something {i know, ugly} but that about it - -Z is right, the wheel will get all nasty in a few days and then you got more trouble than its worth for sure


How do you preserve a Penguin Bio-Wheel?

3 posts

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