How much!!

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How much!!

by EDUB1152

Hey, everyone Im buying live rock at the end of the week.....

But I was thinking I need Crabs, and slugs, n stuff. SO what all do i need and how many, and where should i buy them from. (remember I have a 29G tank!)

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by snowboss

rule of thumb is 1 pound of live rock and or sand per gallon......the more the better

i use hermit crabs only for my cleaner crew and again the rule of thimb is 1 crab for every 2-3 gallons, i have 7 algae hermits in my 20 gal long and they do just don't want to get so many that they clean everything up and then starve.................i'd start with 20- 30 lbs of rock, get it cycled and in the tank then add 5-8 algae hermits and see how they handle it {they're about the size of an almond}

I also have a big anemone hermit crab, but he don't do windows, lol just eats what i feed him

in my 20 gallon tank i have 40 lbs of live sand and 28 lbs of live rock ............and if it were bigger id have twice that amount [just an example]


How much!!

2 posts

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